Seat Time with John Tiger Jr.

Seat Time with John Tiger Jr.

Story provided by John Tiger, Jr.


I hope this is the first of many Seat Time columns published on this great new site, Bass Boat Exchange. I’m honored and proud to be writing about high performance fishing boats again. When Bass & Walleye Boats magazine published its last issue in 2009, bass fishing enthusiasts lost a great resource. For those who liked reading about their boats, outboards and trailers as much as they did about fishing, Bass & Walleye Boats was a great source of information, test data, setup knowledge, and new products.

After a long absence, that resource is back, only better. Bass anglers finally have a place to read about their boats and equipment again. I’m excited to do this. From 1994 to 2009, I enjoyed writing articles about performance bass boats, outboards, accessories and towing for BWB. When that magazine left town, I felt the loss as deeply as many readers did. And did they! I still today receive emails and notes asking “What happened to BWB and when will it come back?” First, let’s make it clear: this website is not BWB. It’s a new animal, lean and mean for today’s angler and performance enthusiast, ready to tackle the issues of today’s performance bass boat world.

Today’s performance bass boat is a different breed than those popular five years ago. Get ready for excitement; soon we’ll be publishing articles about new rigs, new hulls, new engines, new props, and new accessories—with even better attention to detail and more in-depth coverage than in the past. But to move forward with authority, it’s important to keep the past in mind. That’s paramount at Bass Boat Exchange. 

Because so many BWB loyalists have asked to re-read past BWB articles, we’ve unlocked the vault—so each month, you can visit our History Archive to check out all those great BWB articles again. They’ll always be here, at your fingertips for review. This site is dedicated to you, the avid bass angler and high performance fishing boat enthusiast. It’s your site; we publish it for you. We welcome your input and we value your opinions and insights. Please—feel free to comment, make requests, and submit ideas. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes. As the saying goes, we have to walk before we can run—so be patient as we get this rig up on the pad and give ‘er the throttle and trim.


Hammer down!





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November 25, 2015, 5:12 am

Ah yes, the good ol' days. I ran into you and Tony Brucato running around in what I think was your boat (purple and white I think) with a 280 getting some baseline numbers on my home lake several years ago. I had no idea Tony lived right down the rod back then and it blew my mind you guys were there. Welcome back.


December 09, 2015, 12:37 am

I'm so glad to see John back in the Bass Boat world.  

He is a great, informative asset.



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