Changes Coming At Ranger Boats In Flippin, AR

Changes Coming At Ranger Boats In Flippin, AR

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                          It's now common knowledge that Ranger Boat fans everywhere were made aware of the recent resignantions of three top Ranger Boats executives at Flippin, AR. These names include, Randy Hopper, Keith Daffron and Mendel Hughes. Since then, there has been loads of spectulation of changes to come in the near future to Ranger Boats and Flippin, AR as whole leaving much of the population asking, "wonder what changes are coming down the pike?".

                        Funny you ask? Last week, Ranger Boat dealers were informed via company letter from Bass Pro Shops (now owner of Fishing Holdings, LLC)  that production of the Triton and Stratos brands may no longer continue in the Flippin,AR plant, as indicated by Bass Pro Shops founder, Johnny Morris.

                        In the letter addressed to dealers everywhere, Morris was quoted as saying,"We are contemplating moving the production of Triton and Stratos boats from Flippin to increase capacity and enable us to better serve Triton and Stratos dealers and their customers,"  according to Canada Based Boating Business. He went on to say, "We believe this action will also free up space for increased production of Ranger brand fresh- and saltwater boats and accessories in Flippin. We want to get you and your customers boats, parts and accessories in a timely and efficient manner."

                             The letter addressed to dealers went on to mention Bass Pro Shops is considering combining the production of Tracker Marine Group and Fishing Holdings, LLC to form the White River Marine Group. All of this after Morris assured the dealer network that the future is "Unchanged".

                         This leaves many un-answered questions for the buying public and current customer base, as well as the population of Flippin,AR. Where will the will the plant be moved to? Will my factory warranty still be honored? Can I expect the same level of customer service? Will the quality of the product remain the same or will there be corners cut to save a dollar? How many people in Flippin, AR will lose a job, or will there be a job increase?


                        It appears as though all we can do is wait and see.



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December 15, 2015, 2:46 pm

Any  time a holding company LLC  gets involved with a company or several companies the  holding company has purchased  changes will begin  slowly  and continue until  the companies  are not recognized  until  the holding company sells  their property  and  divides the companies into  ghost  warehouses........


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